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Fashion Ideas You can do Yourself with Old Clothes

There are a lot of ways in order to update your wardrobe without spending so much or anything on new clothes. If you have just a tiny little bit of creativity and a little bit of free time, you can update your wardrobe easily. In this article we have come up with fashion ideas that can truly enhance your style without overspending!

Re-inventing your old clothes can do a lot of things for your wardrobe as you wonít be throwing a lot of old clothes but you will gain new looking clothes that no one would ever notice you just pulled it out from the attic box.
Modifying clothes is also fun to do, this is where future fashion designers start their career by just experimenting with fashion ideas and being brave to try it out on old clothes.

Creating a Fringed Studded Tank:
Get an old tank top from your closet, something thatís simple and you want to style up.
Get two yards of fringe, Hancock fabrics are just about $6.
A pack of pyramid studs online can cost $4.
Prepare, scissors and small pliers to get started.

Sewing Supplies
Sewing needles comes at about $3 while threat that matches the floor of the fringe would probably go for $2 -$6.

What you should do:
Lay the fringe along the neckline of the tank and try hand stitching the fringe to the tank, trim at end.

Repeat 2 more times starting about an inch under the first layer. You will get a layered effect by doing this.

Apply the pyramid studs to the neckline right over the top layer of the fringe. Applying the stud would require you to push the pointy bottom part of the stud through the fabric and fold in using the plyers.

After that then you are done!
For great results, try using colors that would match well. Donít use too much of contrasting colors. The fringe should blend perfectly well with the color of the tank top. There are multiple colored tank tops but itís best to go for solid colored tank tops.
Try a tank top with brighter colors and the fringe with the darker color.
Creating lovely clothes old ones are great and can save your parents a lot of money as well. Instead of using your summer income then you should just spend on something else and not purely on clothing.

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Fashion Ideas for Prom Dresses

If youíre a senior year then you know the highlight of that year Ė the senior prom! Or if you are a parent then you should know that this is something that your child will be expecting this year. With how eventful this evening is, just be sure that you have the right fashion ideas to look great and feel great.

A prom dress is a formal wear and you should be comfortable with it by now or if you donít really dress up your child then you should at least try formal clothing once in a while to prep them out.

Here are fashion ideas that will help any senior to looking great in one of the eventful nights this year:

Minding Your Skin Tone
Take note that not all color goes with the skin tone. Some colors will look great and perfect but some will look horrendous and despicable. Try to remedy color and tone combination with tanning and hair dying but also remember that itís still going to be a bit off if not done correctly. Find colors that work well with your complexion and not against it.

The Fit
Anything will look good if it fits perfectly. When it comes to dresses, buy one that really fits for you or daughter. Sometimes, people would buy prom dresses months before and when the night comes the one who wears the dress doesnít fit in it anymore. Avoid this by keeping yourself healthy and watch your weight. Remember that the appeal of the dress is rooted from the fit as well, donít ever overlook this one.

Accessorizing the Look
In order to enhance beauty, try wearing accessories. Always go for something that matches the dress whether by color or style. This also plays an important role so be mindful of this one. With accessories, you have the power to dazzle your look even more. Try them on before the night to see how they really look like.

You should also ask your date on the type of clothes heíll be going in. You should coordinate with the other and for parents, you should encourage your children to ask what their date will be wearing to the prom. Itís not just your accessories that needs to match but also your date!
Looking like an odd pair is the last thing that should happen in this coming perfect evening of wonderful memories.

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Fashion Ideas on the Streets

Casual looks are often the fashion ideas when it comes to street fashion. Street fashion is one phenomenal trend that has invaded probably every street in every major city in the world. Fashion enthusiasts have promiscuously clung to the leg of street style since most of them are considered to never level up with the bourgeois society.

Street style do not bane with labels and brands that its followers feel dictates its price and has a more down-to-earth feel.

Clothes were sometimes sewn by these followers and they too have wonderful fashion ideas to be worn on the streets. For casual looks made for street, people would frequent thrift shops, bargains and even flea markets to get great deals and good buys.

It just takes a little of fashion ideas, a little ingenuity and a tiny little bit of knowledge in clothing. The great thing about imagination and creativity is that it doesnít really cost you anything so if you know a bit about color coordination and designs then you are pretty much good to go.

Casual look has better fashion ideas following it since it is more advised on the street. Thereís a huge difference in looking like a million dollars or just looking good. The former would only attract muggers and robbers while the latter will attract even perhaps a lovelife.

Looks on the streets are often seen outside as well. People who wander the streets prefer something that is comfortable. Of course, if you are just going to visit youíre your friend around the neighborhood to have coffee, you want to look good but also be comfortable in order to have wild conversations like you always do.

Most people think that fashion would cost a lot but that is where they are wrong. As proven by fashion blogs online, looking good donít cost much and these blogs have inspired a lot of people across the globe to do the same. More and more people now go out on streets at their best casual appearance.

Suppose you can say that people taking snapshots of you on the streets if you look good have urged many to dress up a bit. Considering the thought, itís not bad at all.

If thatís not enough, there are websites that has contests for the best street fashion ideas. Itís not a battle to the death and may not be as huge as what is on television but itís still a great thing.

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Fashion Ideas for Do it Yourself Clutch

For the ladies, having a clutch is important as it carries everything you need from your mobile phone, to wallet and a few accessories to freshen up their look. Designer clutch can be quite expensive and if you want to save up on money but want to have a new clutch then we have fabulous fashion ideas for you!

Spending on new items during the most difficult times like the recession can be quite a stress, you want your hard-earned cash or your allowance to be stretched as much as you can. Fashion ideas are here to save your wallet, letís get started with fashion ideas for a do-it-yourself clutch.

What you will need:
A basic solid clutch, preferably an old one you donít use anymore or given by someone who donít use it anymore.
An assortment of cute pins

What you should do:
Lay down the clutch down flat and carefully arrange the pins the way youíd like them to look.

Start pinning them to the bag and voila! You have a brand new clutch!

Stitching Designs on a Clutch
If you donít want to pin things on your clutch or want to decorate even more than just pins. Stitching is a great way to add adornment to your clutch and make it look elegant. Aside from being elegant, it would also show a bit about your personality. Letís get started shall we?

What you need:
Threads of different colors (preferably colors that you like), try a good three color combination or you can you can also do it with only one.

A needle and thimble.

A basic old clutch
Note: The clutch you need here should be already made out of fabric so itís easier to stitch into while you can also stitch on leather, it may be a bit difficult and may require a little bit more effort.

What you should do:
Sketch the pattern of the stitch that you want. Designing and sketching your stitch patterns should be made on a paper first so you can visualize it better. From how you imagined it, you should put it down on something where you can easily follow. Try adding flower patters, swirls and criss-crossing patterns to make funky designs.

Follow the designs you have made and stitch it to the clutch. Try different colors depending on your taste.
Be careful stitching or you may prick your fingers.

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DIY Fashion Ideas to Style Up Your Look

Fashion ideas are everywhere and it never seem to be lacking if you are creative and with the vast information available over the internet, you too wonít run out of inspirations. There are a lot of others out there who are willing to share their fashion ideas for free online. Like this article, we have great fashion ideas that you can easily do.

Designer Sneakers
There are so many sneakers out there that have price tags over $500 but we can easily recreate them with affordable materials. They are not going to look exactly the same but it will look a bit similar to it and the style that you want will be achieved.

Today, we will re-create the Lanvin sneaker that has a preppy-ballerina look design.

2 Yards of grosgrain ribbon in any color of your choice (You can buy them at a nearby store)

Grab your favorite sneakers and replace your shoelaces with these ribbons.

Thatís it and youíre done!
Just a quick tip- In order to lace up the sneaker with ease, roll a piece of tape around the ends and then remove after.

Fresh Ways to Wear Your Scarf
When the leaves start to change color and they start falling then youíd know what season it is. Sometimes in the breeze you will need to keep yourself warm and wearing a scarf will do the trick.

The Ribbon
Perfect when worn beneath a coat or jacket, wearing your scarf as a ribbon is also great since it reveals your feminine side and has that soft look. Try it out next time when you go out.

The flower
You can start by letting two ends hang in front of you and take one end over the other. You need the twist the two ends together until they become twisted and turn into a small bundle of flower next to your neck. You just have to slip the end of it at the base of the scarf and it will hold.
Scarves to be used here are the thin ones and itís wonderful during spring!

Having fashion ideas of your own are great so donít be afraid to try different things. You donít have to buy new things if you could edit an old one that you have and reuse it once again. An item has several ways to be used to donít forget to experiment.

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Eyewear Fashion Trends this 2012

The eyes are very sensitive parts of the body and should be protected from the sun rays. Protecting your eyes can also be done in the most fashionable way. Eyewear fashion trends change and evolve so getting in first dibs with the fashion trends this year is a must.

Spicing up your looks with the latest fashion trends in eyewear is just another way of getting that look you are after. As you might expect, eyewear not only serves to correct your vision, it also serves to give you an exceptional look. After all, it is right there on your face, and often the first thing that anyone will see when they meet you. Choosing the right Fashion Eyewear 2012 is going to give you the edge you are looking for.

For 2012, we have rounded up the most popular makers of fashion eyewears.

Calvin Klein
This brand has captured the attention of everyone all over the world with great style and good prices. If you are looking for Fashion Eyewear this 2012 that is not going to be nudging into your face every time you move then why not consider purchasing a pair of semi rim glasses from this understanding designer.
You will never be sorry with this brand.

If you are serious about designer eyewear then DKNY is the brand to go to. The right pair of glasses for you are just waiting here to be found. You can find just about anything you are looking for when you choose to take a look at the styles of Fashion Eyewear 2012 available from this designer. If it is a touch of spirit you are after, the tortoise shell look may be something you would be interested in, or rosy brown frames for a little more touch of class.

Aside from handbags, Fendi is also great with eyewear. This is one of the best eyewear provider that are always on top of the fashion food chain. Great eyewear are here that exudes elegant style and can really make you look fabulous and even fiercer than the sun.

Great fashion sense should be matched with great fashion eyewear. Aside from being great in designs, you can also have great fit here and this brand is admired by everyone all over the globe.

These eyewear are paving the  fashion trends this 2012 so itís best to get your eyewear for this year from them

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Colorful Fashion Ideas For Trendy Women

The vanity of women goes beyond clothing and lifestyle. Cosmetics are used in order to enhance a womanís beauty and all women on this lovely earth wants to look presentable and at their best. It has to really help them be confident and feel good about themselves.

Colorful fashion ideas can be applied in makeup or through the clothes women wear. This year, a lot of experts have predicted that colors will definitely make waves in the fashion industry and if youíve been going to runway shows, you will see vibrant colors and prints on clothes weíre all dying to have.

When it comes to the shades of lipstick, you should always match it with an attitude that suits it. The woman in the first place should feel good about herself and choose a shade that matches her mood. There are so many colorful fashion ideas today in the market.

Deep Red
Some women of age use this shade as it suits them and has that elegance within them that is emanated by the color. Women who wants to look a little bit mature should try this color.

Luscious Pink
Younger women who are funky and has a zest for life can enjoy the wonderful colors of pink. It has the lively kick that is always happy and carefree. Women who are obviously in the age beyond forty may try a toned down shade of this one since wearing this color might make them look like women who are having a crisis in their lives.

Donít forget that wearing lipstick should always be accompanied with a smile. A smile radiates beauty and that is one of the fashion ideas that is always trendy.

Letís move forward to clothing colors. Remember that a positive attitude will always outshine your brightest tangerine yellow dress, so donít forget to put it on. Colors this year are threesomes. Wearing a montage of three colors and not going beyond that is the ďinĒ color combination that will last the whole year. Try opening your closet and play with color combinations. Just donít go overboard with more than three colors since you might look like the rainbow. Always remember that you are still a chic lady who knows color. Check if the color you have chosen matches your complexion, brings out your eyes and would look easy in other peopleís eyes as well.

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Celebrity Outfits Style Guide

Alright so the work week is wrapping and we have this checklist that will have you looking forward to Monday. For people who have been in the workplace or just starting out, the office place is actually a place where you can show off your style and become the envy of others, i.e. your colleagues. Why not start with the foundation of the careeristís wardrobe; think of a classic sexy black pump and layer in some seriously playful accessories, like a power-inducing oversized watch and smart, yet alluring black glasses. Finish by keeping your must-haves well in hand with a luxe leather brief case and sleek black iPad case. Letís try and get that celebrity outfits look in the office, shall we?

Tom Ford Eyewear Round Glasses ($295)
Want to get smart? Sophisticated style with lure of the girl behind glasses can effortlessly be found in these rounded frames. Plastic frames with clear lenses and metal accents at temples. Pairing it with any look will be easy if you want to channel your inner smarty-pants.

Tory Burch Flip E-Tablet Case ($225)
Technologically advanced. This iPad case showcases your techy side and style-conscious side all at the same time. This one is created with Saffiano leather, this slim, sexy case features a tiny Tory Burch medallion.

Michael Kors Menís Oversized Watch ($225)
A timely accessory can be found here. Michael Kors brings new definition to power dressing with his oversized, menswear-inspired timepiece. A studious way to showcase your fashion know-how, this watch takes respect to a new level to any workplace look, even if you are too feminine. This is a water-resistant stainless steel so donít be afraid to get it wet.

Rebecca Minkoff The Chance Briefcase ($495)
Straight to point. This one can make a statement with ostrich-embossed leather, rose gold hardware, and a studded handle. Carry with your hand or even over the shoulder if you wish since it has a detachable shoulder strap. This is a classic piece that will definitely wear well for years to come.

Boutique 9 Jazzalyn Wavy Pumps ($130)
Putting your best foot forward may need some helping with these pumps. These are a pair of powerful pumps for strutting your stuff and also getting the job well done. A must-have for any working woman, the pump is the foundation for the careerist. Black patent leather with wavy detail at the ankle.

Getting that styled celebrity outfits would be easy with these tips.

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Cocktail Glam Dresses for all Occasions

When any sort of season comes women often open up their wardrobe and wonder what to wear once an occasion comes. Though glam dresses were stored in their closets or wardrobe, women often found themselves astounded by the fact that they canít wear anything. Perhaps because theyíve worn a type of glam dresses far too often, it doesnít fit the theme of the occasion or because it doesnít fit anymore. There are many reasons, that is why getting glam dresses that can be worn in any occasion is important for a woman these days.

If you want to level up your style at an occasion or cocktail party then choose the right glam dresses for your wardrobe. Glam dresses today have wonderful designs and you can even get them at a great deal online. You are not required to spend too much money if you are tight on budget. Just watch out for sales and try visiting your thrift stores for a good find.

Classic glam dresses can be found with simple designs and with long sleeves while the neckline is simple and fine. The color of the dress is solid with only small details. Simplicity will always be found elegant and those glam dresses made with solid colors will always be a classic number that can be worn on any cocktail party occasion.

For sexy and elegant glam dresses try the ones with side slits. Most of these type of dresses come in dark colors but white ones are also great for an evening cocktail party. They are often made with really soft and comfortable material which can be quite preferable for women with slim and slender body because the side slit will match the body figure elegantly and effortlessly.

These dresses are preferred by mature women so if you want to look a little bit mature, this dress should occupy your wardrobe for that evening cocktail party.

For those people who like a little bit of difference then assymetrical dresses can be great for cocktail party evening or by day. Try on something that is a two-toned asymmetrical neckline. The dress will be able to show a bit of skin with the lower part of the dress in a lighter shade than the top color. Wear it if youíre feeling a little schizophrenic and moody for the occasion while at the same time looking absolutely glamorous.

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Celebrity Outfits on the High-Street

If you want to snap up high street fashion without spending too much, then why not make a look that is similar to what celebrity outfits are especially when they are out having a great time?


Alright, letís start with the preggy ladies out there who also want to look like a hot mama. Beyonce before Blue Ivy was born turned to what a lot of expectant mums did Ė turning to leggings!

This is a very easy way to be stylish and comfortable even if you seem to be carrying a bowling bowl on your stomach.

Reasonable Chic

Celebrity outfits are often thought of as very expensive however, Mollie King beg to differ. Spotted wearing a very cute Oh Deer sweater dress from her favorite bargain label, Sugarhill. The sweater actually cost a very reasonable £30.

Liquid Leggings

Thereís a new label that the stars are going crazy for, Lavish Alice. As seen on Fearne Cotton, the liquid leggings are hot-sellers. If you want to update your wardrobe then here is one funky store to start with.

Bargain Wedges

Pippa Middleton, know as a Zara fiend, was spotted wearing a pair of suede wedges and we all wonder if she got them from the sale since the item last time we checked were a snip at £29. She was also wearing her favorite Zara blazer but we have a good guess that the pair of wedges were the one that updated her wardrobe.

Go for Faux Fur

Compassionate Nicola Roberts was seen wearing a hug-in-a-mug faux fur, talk about sparing animal life but still be fashionable! We also love the price tag here since itís from Topshop! Celebrities are more conscious buyers these days it seems. Real fur Ė not cool!

Wrapped in Style

If it isnít Emmy Rossum looking absolutely gorgeous in a sapphire Reiss Lilac coat when she was seen in Times Square in 2012. The solid colored coat is something that has been predicted to make splashes this year so we encourage people to try on different colored coats this time of the year.

Following the Fashion Rebel

Jessie J may not be so rebellious since she was spotted being powerless to resist the allure of Topshop! The leopard print bomber jacket can be yours for £48 only. Perhaps we can consider her as fashion rebellious to clothing that has high price tags.

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