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Fashion Ideas for Do it Yourself Clutch

For the ladies, having a clutch is important as it carries everything you need from your mobile phone, to wallet and a few accessories to freshen up their look. Designer clutch can be quite expensive and if you want to save up on money but want to have a new clutch then we have fabulous fashion ideas for you!

Spending on new items during the most difficult times like the recession can be quite a stress, you want your hard-earned cash or your allowance to be stretched as much as you can. Fashion ideas are here to save your wallet, letís get started with fashion ideas for a do-it-yourself clutch.

What you will need:
A basic solid clutch, preferably an old one you donít use anymore or given by someone who donít use it anymore.
An assortment of cute pins

What you should do:
Lay down the clutch down flat and carefully arrange the pins the way youíd like them to look.

Start pinning them to the bag and voila! You have a brand new clutch!

Stitching Designs on a Clutch
If you donít want to pin things on your clutch or want to decorate even more than just pins. Stitching is a great way to add adornment to your clutch and make it look elegant. Aside from being elegant, it would also show a bit about your personality. Letís get started shall we?

What you need:
Threads of different colors (preferably colors that you like), try a good three color combination or you can you can also do it with only one.

A needle and thimble.

A basic old clutch
Note: The clutch you need here should be already made out of fabric so itís easier to stitch into while you can also stitch on leather, it may be a bit difficult and may require a little bit more effort.

What you should do:
Sketch the pattern of the stitch that you want. Designing and sketching your stitch patterns should be made on a paper first so you can visualize it better. From how you imagined it, you should put it down on something where you can easily follow. Try adding flower patters, swirls and criss-crossing patterns to make funky designs.

Follow the designs you have made and stitch it to the clutch. Try different colors depending on your taste.
Be careful stitching or you may prick your fingers.

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