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Celebrity Outfits on the High-Street

If you want to snap up high street fashion without spending too much, then why not make a look that is similar to what celebrity outfits are especially when they are out having a great time?


Alright, letís start with the preggy ladies out there who also want to look like a hot mama. Beyonce before Blue Ivy was born turned to what a lot of expectant mums did Ė turning to leggings!

This is a very easy way to be stylish and comfortable even if you seem to be carrying a bowling bowl on your stomach.

Reasonable Chic

Celebrity outfits are often thought of as very expensive however, Mollie King beg to differ. Spotted wearing a very cute Oh Deer sweater dress from her favorite bargain label, Sugarhill. The sweater actually cost a very reasonable £30.

Liquid Leggings

Thereís a new label that the stars are going crazy for, Lavish Alice. As seen on Fearne Cotton, the liquid leggings are hot-sellers. If you want to update your wardrobe then here is one funky store to start with.

Bargain Wedges

Pippa Middleton, know as a Zara fiend, was spotted wearing a pair of suede wedges and we all wonder if she got them from the sale since the item last time we checked were a snip at £29. She was also wearing her favorite Zara blazer but we have a good guess that the pair of wedges were the one that updated her wardrobe.

Go for Faux Fur

Compassionate Nicola Roberts was seen wearing a hug-in-a-mug faux fur, talk about sparing animal life but still be fashionable! We also love the price tag here since itís from Topshop! Celebrities are more conscious buyers these days it seems. Real fur Ė not cool!

Wrapped in Style

If it isnít Emmy Rossum looking absolutely gorgeous in a sapphire Reiss Lilac coat when she was seen in Times Square in 2012. The solid colored coat is something that has been predicted to make splashes this year so we encourage people to try on different colored coats this time of the year.

Following the Fashion Rebel

Jessie J may not be so rebellious since she was spotted being powerless to resist the allure of Topshop! The leopard print bomber jacket can be yours for £48 only. Perhaps we can consider her as fashion rebellious to clothing that has high price tags.

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