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Worst Male Celebrity Outfits Style in 2011: Jared Leto

Perhaps it’s a no-brainer who would top the worst celebrity outfits list or worst dressed list at GQ. Everyone would have put their bets on Jared Leto, the man who starred in Requiem for a Dream or that guy in Fight Club.

He has a rather backwards transition and if you follow his trail, you’ll notice the transition from cutie Jordan Catalano on My-So-Called Life to an adolescent musician. He was probably the only 40 year old man who would still dare wear a mesh muscle top or ripped t-shirt in public. When we talk about public with a celebrity, it means out in the open while paparazzis follow you with state of the art cameras.

Unfortunately for him, we weren’t the only man who noticed his atrocious fashion choices. GQ has named the man as the man who would wear the worst celebrity outfits in 2011. According to them "He's flaunted nipples through mesh shirts. He's worn skirts about as frequently as pants. He's rocked a mullet. He is the Worst-Dressed Man in the World," the magazine wrote. "Look, it's not that [he] doesn't try. He tries too damn hard."

They continued to say something about his style as “a man who can afford an Alexander McQueen suit… but opts for Ugg slippers and a couture snuggy.”

Despite his lack of style, it hasn’t really stopped him from landing a plum endorsement gig with Hugo Boss cologne. "I think it is quite obvious why we picked him for this job – he is “just different!" the clothier said at the time.

"The concept is all about seeing things differently, from new perspectives and turning the familiar on its head! Like the Hugo man I look for inspiration in everything around me and seek out unusual and unexpected things and experiences," was what Leto said in his advertising campaign.

But GQ has a better way of explaining Jared Leto’s appeal "Leto's always the most wealthy-looking homeless person in the room."

Perhaps he has never really outgrown the grunge hobo look back in the 80s and he must be quite a fan of Nirvana but looking at the calendar it is 2012 and if the Geneva convention has not declared that his style is an abomination then maybe the Mayans may also be right that the earth might swallow the style whole during an apocalyptic earthquake.

Por shoppingandinfoforyou - January 15th, 2012, 20:36, Category: General
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