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The Women's Guide to Shoe Wedges

Heels arenít always uncomfortable, just take shoe wedges as an example. Shoe wedges are made with a combining unique style and comfort and are often widely observed as superior than platform shoes.

Shoe wedges designs have turn out to be more streamlined and modern today. This is nothing more than a thick heel that is commonly made from a single piece of material, which distinguishes it from other footwear. It extends through the entire shoe length, having a higher angle since it approaches the heel from the toe. They still come in a number of designs and variations to suit different tastes and styles.

There are also shoe wedges that have high heels, usually from three to five inches total. With its additional platform, it adds height to the toe region, the overall height with the wearer is increased particularly as opposed to just wearing a pair of stilettos. Heights of shoe wedges are also found in different varieties and are also made with varying materials to suit the customerís needs and wants.

A popular design is the one that has soles produced out of cork and they are one of the most popular wedge shoe designs. Aside from being very comfortable, it is also very lightweight and wonít put so much stress to the foot. There are of course wedges that are designed to be appropriate in different events like in those wedges created with plastic heels and with Lucite.

Because the heel and sole are made out of transparent material, it presents an impact that one is floating on air. Due to its colorless function, theyíre quite versatile. You are able to wear it with virtually any color dress imaginable and pair it with any kind of accessory. Besides that, there are also wedge styles in which the soles are produced of rubber or wood.

The versatility of shoe wedges are favored by lots of women since they can easily and effortlessly mix and match their outfits with the pair of shoes or any articles of clothing.

A good billowy skirt or dress can look stunning when matched with a pair of wedges. Even a pair of slim pants can look absolutely wonderful with a pair of wedges made out of cork. Wedge shoes are great since they are built to last long and were always created to be solid and lengthy lasting.

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