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The Outfits to Match with Shoe Wedges

Being on style and on heights is easy with shoe wedges and your outfits can also range from the casual to the elegant. Shoe wedges are one of the most fashionable and most versatile of womenís footwear however, itís a fact that they wonít look great with everyone or would dazzle every outfit available. It has its ups and downs which you have to know and use appropriately to create stunning looks or just get the look that you want.

Shoe Wedges? What are they?
Most shoes as we known have heels that sits under the heel of the foot and that area alone. Shoe wedges on the other hand runs from the heel to the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front.

Yes, it has a wedge shape but note that not all wedges are high heels. In fact, wedge heels range from low to high, itís the shape and the length of the heel that classify it as a wedge.

Outfits to Match Shoe Wedges with
The shoe wedges available today are often seen worn by women with flowing skirts. You can see it during summer and they also match with great flowing dresses for a vibrant casual look of the day. If itís a bit warm, shorts are also great to wear with wedges and just like the outfit above, can give a casual look easily. Short skirts also work well with wedges and if you are not sure, try them on first and look in the mirror if itís a good number.

The bohemian style has wedges for a staple in their wardrobe. It matches very well and seamlessly with bohemian designed dresses and tops. Among others, you can wear wedges with thin gauzy fabrics, wrap dresses, wide or flared jeans or pants and gauchos.

As mentioned before, wedges donít look good with all outfits and here are some of them. Pencil skirts arenít a match with wedges, so are Capri pants or pants with narrow or straight legs. Knowing these things will help you choose your outfit appropriately when you wish to wear wedges. Wedges are more comfortable than stilettos and if you seem to need more height on an event, sometimes just putting on a pair of wedges, a flowing dress and great accessories will do the trick. Looking comfortable and elegant with shoe wedges are effortless most of the time.

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