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The Best Handbags in Leather

Want to be always in fashion no matter the season? The best handbags to carry around should be nothing short of being made with leather material. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a large tote bag or a smaller hobo-style leather purse, your handbag is definitely durable and will last long. The reason why leather bags are the best handbags is because they are timeless and is a great addition to your outfit.

Going casual or dressy? Rest assured that there’s a leather handbag that will coordinate well with your look.

This is a common bag and is a great day-to-day option. The top layer of many leather hobo bags is made from top-grain leather, since it can be dyed in any color imaginable. The hobo handbag comes in many different sizes, but it is never considered bulky or oversized. A leather hobo handbag can easily accommodate a wallet, cell phone and other personal items with room to spare.

Commonly used leather materials with a satchel are full-grain and top-grain leather so you can be sure of durability and quality. This is a handbag that is particularly made for women on the go, the durable leather satchel handbag offers a chest-crossing strap. Satchel handbags leave your hands free to open doors, maneuver strollers or carry shopping bags. Look for a leather satchel handbag with compartments and pockets for convenience.

If you need to carry heavier loads to work around town then this type of leather bag is for you. The leather tote has a large capacity that allows you to carry paperwork, a laptop or lunch. Often used by modern mothers, a larger tote can easily double as a purse-diaper bag combo. The strong straps of this bag makes it easy to through the bag over the shoulder for that on go move.

Shoulder bag
Probably the most versatile handbag is the leather shoulder bag. Often made with two straps for carrying convenience, a shorter option allows the bag to rest on the shoulder and fit snugly under the armpit. The longer the strap allows the bag to rest against the hip when you drape it over your shoulder.

Also sometimes known as the coin purse, it is large enough to hold daily essentials like cash, identification, a credit card or two, a mobile phone and a tube of lipstick – the clutch is perfect for short trips to the store or a special evening out.

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