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The Latest Fashion Trends in Menís Hairstyles 2012

The beginning of the year calls for a fresh start and what more for a brand new hairdo and hairstyle. If you didnít bother to change anything last year, this year is the time to take it to a different level. The thing about menís hairstyles and haircuts is that they slowly evolve and change unlike womenís hairstyles which seem to always have the latest fashion trends in hairs that wonít even last a year.

You will notice only slight changes of hairstyles and haircuts from 2010 and 2011 but a few styles have split to many other different styles for men.

Slicked back undercut

Influenced by the style of the early 20th century, the slick back undercut is popular for young men. This kind of hairstyle is ideal for straight hair and hair that can easily be straightened.

Brit-rock indie hairstyle

Perhaps inspired by the large number of British indie band and also a whole lot of Burberry catwalks in between, 2012ís Britrock indie hairstyle oozes kicked back and relaxed ďIím just going to chill tonightĒ look. The only rule here is to always sweep the hair forwards. The rest of the details, from the cut of the top to the length of the sides, allows you to work with whatever haircut or styles suit you best. It doesnít matter if your hair is straight, wavy or even curly Ė you can work and rock this hairstyle.

Rockabilly Hairstyle

It might have been on trend for 2 years already, but that hasnít stopped this mid-20th Century rock hairstyle from featuring amongst 2012′s menís haircut trends. This year, the style is given more attitude to be rocking and itís also considered to be 2012ís most extreme menís hairstyles yet itís also one of the few thatís suited to most hair types. The do for straight hear, wavy and even curly hair.

Menís quiff

Last time, this style was infused with rock overtones. With the indie haircut dominating the music-oriented hairstyles, the quiff becomes something altogether more refined in 2012. This year the quiff is given a different attitude inspired with the vintage look.

Great for straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair that could be relaxed.

Short waves and short curls are expected to dominate this year so for those who arenít particular with styles mentioned above, perhaps a simple curly short hair do will be perfect for you.

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Stylish Barbour Designer Jackets for Men

Most men who are into fashion love to wear jackets. Not only does it help to keep warm from the cold, it is also positively important in their style. The number of jackets in the market is enormous so choosing one that meets well with a personís individuality is a must.

Barbour jackets are designer jackets that are rather easy to get in a number of beautiful styles and colors. Designer jackets, like the Barbour has a lot of good features. Thus it not only provides protection from rain and dirt but also contributes to good looks and fashion sense, so as to make your appearance classy and stylish - You should definitely own one.

Barbour coats are dependable coats on several seasons since it is very practical and is weatherproof. They have also made it through the hardworking people in popularity aside from just trendy and fashionable individuals who like designer jackets.

Barbour jackets that suit the majority would be the quilted ones. They have the exclusive and stylish diamond quilted designs. The Quilted Collection focuses upon the true essence of the Barbour country aesthetic, paying tribute towards the original jacket designs and introducing modern fabrics and finishes to refresh these timeless garments for the modern wardrobe.

In order to suit all individuals, Barbour designer jackets are often created with both traditional and normal aesthetics to suit all individuals. These jackets have been popular in the menís clothes market for its fashion and appealing factor.

The classic Barbour jacket is a quilted one and itís very simple and useful. This type of Barbour jacket is really flexible and practical. The Quilted collection concentrates on the true essence of the Barbour country aesthetic, paying tribute towards the original jacket designs and introducing modern fabrics and finishes to refresh these timeless garments for the contemporary wardrobe.

The collection also features two of Barbourís most classic ďtime honoredĒ jackets; the Barbour Menís Classic Beaufort Wax Jacket and the well-known Barbour Quilted Jacket namely the Barbour Liddesdale Jacket and Barbour Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket.

As The Barbour international jacket is enormously elegant in look. They are made with a number of pockets. These jackets are as well designed with an extremely stylish funnel shape band. It contributes a sporty and elegant appearance to the jacket.

Designer jackets have other styles as well and you should look for other styles in order to have a few options in your wardrobe.

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Worst Male Celebrity Outfits Style in 2011: Jared Leto

Perhaps itís a no-brainer who would top the worst celebrity outfits list or worst dressed list at GQ. Everyone would have put their bets on Jared Leto, the man who starred in Requiem for a Dream or that guy in Fight Club.

He has a rather backwards transition and if you follow his trail, youíll notice the transition from cutie Jordan Catalano on My-So-Called Life to an adolescent musician. He was probably the only 40 year old man who would still dare wear a mesh muscle top or ripped t-shirt in public. When we talk about public with a celebrity, it means out in the open while paparazzis follow you with state of the art cameras.

Unfortunately for him, we werenít the only man who noticed his atrocious fashion choices. GQ has named the man as the man who would wear the worst celebrity outfits in 2011. According to them "He's flaunted nipples through mesh shirts. He's worn skirts about as frequently as pants. He's rocked a mullet. He is the Worst-Dressed Man in the World," the magazine wrote. "Look, it's not that [he] doesn't try. He tries too damn hard."

They continued to say something about his style as ďa man who can afford an Alexander McQueen suitÖ but opts for Ugg slippers and a couture snuggy.Ē

Despite his lack of style, it hasnít really stopped him from landing a plum endorsement gig with Hugo Boss cologne. "I think it is quite obvious why we picked him for this job Ė he is ďjust different!" the clothier said at the time.

"The concept is all about seeing things differently, from new perspectives and turning the familiar on its head! Like the Hugo man I look for inspiration in everything around me and seek out unusual and unexpected things and experiences," was what Leto said in his advertising campaign.

But GQ has a better way of explaining Jared Letoís appeal "Leto's always the most wealthy-looking homeless person in the room."

Perhaps he has never really outgrown the grunge hobo look back in the 80s and he must be quite a fan of Nirvana but looking at the calendar it is 2012 and if the Geneva convention has not declared that his style is an abomination then maybe the Mayans may also be right that the earth might swallow the style whole during an apocalyptic earthquake.

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Top 10 Best Celebrity Outfits and Dresses at the 2011 Oscars

The 2011 has passed and according to the Mayanís, drastic changes will occur in the world. Hopefully itís not hideous and atrocious dresses to rule the world over. Today we will reminisce on the best dresses to ever walk the red carpet back at the Oscars.

Letís look at the top 10 round up of best celebrity outfits that graced the Oscars!

1. Gwyneth gracefully walked to the Oscars in Calvin Klein Collection, wearing a light colored shimmering dress with a decorated string to the hips and a steep plummeting neckline. Her metallic column gown reinvents the ubiquitous sparkle and its liquid shine.

2. Elegance in celebrity outfits and dresses can be found in Cate Blanchettís Givenchy couture. Blanchett always the keeper of avant garde style looks marvelously dashing.

3. Looking absolutely fabulous is Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior Couture, delicate details dominate the dress.

4. Three years ago Coco Avant Chanel was in the theatres and it exposes the life of Coco Chanel from being brought up from an orphanage in France. Today, her dresses and her name are worn by celebrities all over the globe. Walking in elegant simplicity is Michelle Williams in a gorgeous Chanel gown.

5. Who would forget that ballerina from Black Swan? Mila Kunis walks in Elie Saab Couture, having a provocative and sensual gown that emanates elegance and style.

6. Anne Hathaway in a Valentino with a romantic shade of red and the ruffles of such beauty definitely makes the top ten best dressed at the Oscars.

7. The Black Swan or the White Swan? It seems that the Purple Swan came in. Natalie Portman in Rodarte in a purple color with matching purple heels to complete the monochromatic look.

8. We wonder if The Kids are Alright when Annette Bening stepped in a gown by Naeem Khan and basing it on her looks, we bet that the kids are doing great. Starring in the movie titled The Kids are Alright and a few more, 2011 was a hard working year for Bening.

9. Giving almost a fairy tale look, Amy Adams took the red carpet in a LíWren Scott matching it up with Cartier jewels. Such fine taste for a princess indeed.

10. Lastly, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock walks in a gorgeous dress made by Vera Wang. Everyone was stunned by such beauty with that elegant crimson gown.

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The Women's Guide to Shoe Wedges

Heels arenít always uncomfortable, just take shoe wedges as an example. Shoe wedges are made with a combining unique style and comfort and are often widely observed as superior than platform shoes.

Shoe wedges designs have turn out to be more streamlined and modern today. This is nothing more than a thick heel that is commonly made from a single piece of material, which distinguishes it from other footwear. It extends through the entire shoe length, having a higher angle since it approaches the heel from the toe. They still come in a number of designs and variations to suit different tastes and styles.

There are also shoe wedges that have high heels, usually from three to five inches total. With its additional platform, it adds height to the toe region, the overall height with the wearer is increased particularly as opposed to just wearing a pair of stilettos. Heights of shoe wedges are also found in different varieties and are also made with varying materials to suit the customerís needs and wants.

A popular design is the one that has soles produced out of cork and they are one of the most popular wedge shoe designs. Aside from being very comfortable, it is also very lightweight and wonít put so much stress to the foot. There are of course wedges that are designed to be appropriate in different events like in those wedges created with plastic heels and with Lucite.

Because the heel and sole are made out of transparent material, it presents an impact that one is floating on air. Due to its colorless function, theyíre quite versatile. You are able to wear it with virtually any color dress imaginable and pair it with any kind of accessory. Besides that, there are also wedge styles in which the soles are produced of rubber or wood.

The versatility of shoe wedges are favored by lots of women since they can easily and effortlessly mix and match their outfits with the pair of shoes or any articles of clothing.

A good billowy skirt or dress can look stunning when matched with a pair of wedges. Even a pair of slim pants can look absolutely wonderful with a pair of wedges made out of cork. Wedge shoes are great since they are built to last long and were always created to be solid and lengthy lasting.

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The Outfits to Match with Shoe Wedges

Being on style and on heights is easy with shoe wedges and your outfits can also range from the casual to the elegant. Shoe wedges are one of the most fashionable and most versatile of womenís footwear however, itís a fact that they wonít look great with everyone or would dazzle every outfit available. It has its ups and downs which you have to know and use appropriately to create stunning looks or just get the look that you want.

Shoe Wedges? What are they?
Most shoes as we known have heels that sits under the heel of the foot and that area alone. Shoe wedges on the other hand runs from the heel to the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front.

Yes, it has a wedge shape but note that not all wedges are high heels. In fact, wedge heels range from low to high, itís the shape and the length of the heel that classify it as a wedge.

Outfits to Match Shoe Wedges with
The shoe wedges available today are often seen worn by women with flowing skirts. You can see it during summer and they also match with great flowing dresses for a vibrant casual look of the day. If itís a bit warm, shorts are also great to wear with wedges and just like the outfit above, can give a casual look easily. Short skirts also work well with wedges and if you are not sure, try them on first and look in the mirror if itís a good number.

The bohemian style has wedges for a staple in their wardrobe. It matches very well and seamlessly with bohemian designed dresses and tops. Among others, you can wear wedges with thin gauzy fabrics, wrap dresses, wide or flared jeans or pants and gauchos.

As mentioned before, wedges donít look good with all outfits and here are some of them. Pencil skirts arenít a match with wedges, so are Capri pants or pants with narrow or straight legs. Knowing these things will help you choose your outfit appropriately when you wish to wear wedges. Wedges are more comfortable than stilettos and if you seem to need more height on an event, sometimes just putting on a pair of wedges, a flowing dress and great accessories will do the trick. Looking comfortable and elegant with shoe wedges are effortless most of the time.

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The Best Handbags in Leather

Want to be always in fashion no matter the season? The best handbags to carry around should be nothing short of being made with leather material. It doesnít matter if youíre wearing a large tote bag or a smaller hobo-style leather purse, your handbag is definitely durable and will last long. The reason why leather bags are the best handbags is because they are timeless and is a great addition to your outfit.

Going casual or dressy? Rest assured that thereís a leather handbag that will coordinate well with your look.

This is a common bag and is a great day-to-day option. The top layer of many leather hobo bags is made from top-grain leather, since it can be dyed in any color imaginable. The hobo handbag comes in many different sizes, but it is never considered bulky or oversized. A leather hobo handbag can easily accommodate a wallet, cell phone and other personal items with room to spare.

Commonly used leather materials with a satchel are full-grain and top-grain leather so you can be sure of durability and quality. This is a handbag that is particularly made for women on the go, the durable leather satchel handbag offers a chest-crossing strap. Satchel handbags leave your hands free to open doors, maneuver strollers or carry shopping bags. Look for a leather satchel handbag with compartments and pockets for convenience.

If you need to carry heavier loads to work around town then this type of leather bag is for you. The leather tote has a large capacity that allows you to carry paperwork, a laptop or lunch. Often used by modern mothers, a larger tote can easily double as a purse-diaper bag combo. The strong straps of this bag makes it easy to through the bag over the shoulder for that on go move.

Shoulder bag
Probably the most versatile handbag is the leather shoulder bag. Often made with two straps for carrying convenience, a shorter option allows the bag to rest on the shoulder and fit snugly under the armpit. The longer the strap allows the bag to rest against the hip when you drape it over your shoulder.

Also sometimes known as the coin purse, it is large enough to hold daily essentials like cash, identification, a credit card or two, a mobile phone and a tube of lipstick Ė the clutch is perfect for short trips to the store or a special evening out.

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Places to get the best fashion ideas

Everyone loves to be the best with the clothes they wear. However, what looks good to other may not look good to you. Here comes the fashion sense- anyone can purchase a branded clothes and shoes but not the fashion sense. If you do not follow fashion ideas, you might start looking old fashioned. Start learning the latest fashion trends and be part of the fashion world. To tell you how here are some of the best places where you can get fashion ideas.

1. Fashion Magazines. There are many fashion magazines at the book stalls where you can learn the latest fashion trends. Some of these fashion magazines include Vogue, Lucky, Elle, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. If you never used to read fashion magazines, well it is time to start purchasing and reading now!

2. Get different fashion styles through blogs. There are numerous blogs on the internet that talks about fashion. Here you could also get to know the different opinions and comments to get more fashion ideas.

3. TV shows and films. One of the best places to acquire the latest fashion trends is thru watching television shows and movies. Actors and actresses wear designer outfits and shoes to impress viewers. Designers also promote their brands through various channels and movies.

4. Fashion shows. Popular and top brands usually organized fashion shows exclusively to display their new and latest range of fashion products. You can learn new fashion ideas from these shows.

5. You can also get the latest fashion ideas and trends thru the big billboard and banners you see nearest malls or shopping complex, or sometimes along the road.

6. Another great way to get fashion ideas is by going directly to the market or shopping malls. This way you can also determine if the latest fashion style is right for you.

7. Online stores and websites. If you are a busy person, and donít have the time to visit the mall then the place to go is online to a site that features people who are just like you- loves fashion. There are many online shops and websites that are available on the internet that offers information on the latest fashion trends. Also, online stores and websites that are ideal for those who are interested in fashion but in budget.

Always keep in mind that the crowd maybe looking at your fashion sense. So, keep up with the trends so that you do not seem to be out of date when it comes to the clothes that you wear. You can add accessories, statement jewelry or add colorful scarf to your simple top. Do experimenting with your clothes, mix and match. Be fashionable and bold, learn new fashion ideas and impress the people around you.

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